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CDIAC FY2016 Reports

Reports filed with CDIAC for activity during the 2016 Fiscal Year.

College Square CFD No. 2005-01
Development Fee Financing CFD-No. 95-01, Series C
Granite Park CFD No. 2001-01, Series A
McKinley Village CFD No. 2015-04
North Natomas CFD No. 2, Series A (Authority, Local Obligor CFD, Local Obligor Lease, CFD, Lease)
North Natomas CFD No. 4, Series E
North Natomas CFD No. 4, Series F
North Natomas CFD No. 97-01, Series 2015
North Natomas CFD No. 99-04, Series C
North Natomas CFD Refunding Westlake and Regency Park (Authority, Local Obligor Westlake, Local Obligor Regency Park, Westlake, Regency Park)
[RASA] 1999 CIRB (Authority, Oak Park)
[RASA] 2002 CIRB, Series A (Authority, Merged Downtown)
[RASA] 2003 TAB, Series A (Del Paso Heights)*
[RASA] 2003 TAB, Series C (Alkali FlatNorth Sacramento)*
[RASA] 2005 TAB, Series A (Authority, Merged Downtown, Oak Park)
[RASA] 2005 TAB, Series B (Authority, Merged Downtown, Oak Park)
[RASA] 2006 TAB, Series A (Authority, Del Paso Heights, Oak Park)
[RASA] 2006 TAB, Series B (Authority, Del Paso Heights)

* Authority filings made by the Sacramento County Public Financing Authority