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Large Political Committees

The City of Sacramento has adopted regulations limiting the amount of contributions that individuals may give to candidates for the offices of Mayor and Council Member. These limits are outlined in City Code section 2.13.050 (A) and (B). For committees who qualify as a "Large Political Committee", the limits are higher. To be eligible to make contributions as a "Large Political Committee" a committee must meet the following criteria as required by City Code section 2.13.040.

  • Has been in existence for more than six months
  • Received contributions from one hundred or more persons
  • Acts in concert to make contributions to one or more candidates for City elective office
  • Observes the 7 day waiting period after the forms are file
  • Files the required forms with the City Clerk's Office as required by City Code section 2.13.055.

How to Register

To register as a Large Political Committee, the following forms must be submitted via email to


Current List of Qualified Large Political Committees

This list of committees have qualified in the City of Sacramento as a "Large Political Committee", and are eligible to make contributions higher than the individual limits.


 Need Assistance or Have Questions?

We are happy to assist you. Please contact us via email at:, or by phone at (916) 808-7200.