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CITY OF SACRAMENTO TICKET Policy & community group ticket PROGRAM


In compliance with Fair Political Practice Commission regulations, the City of Sacramento has an approved policy for ticket acceptance, distribution, use, and reporting of tickets and passes (“Ticket Policy”). The Ticket Policy outlines ticket distribution and reporting for tickets provided to the City of Sacramento and City Officials, including tickets to Golden 1 Center (G1C) events provided to the City per the terms of the Arena Management, Operation, and Lease Agreement . The Ticket Policy and all related regulations and reporting documents can be found in the Ticket Program Documents section below.


For most G1C events, the City of Sacramento has access to a suite with 20 seated tickets, 5 standing room only tickets, and 7 standing room only tickets available for purchase. When the suite is unavailable due to event staging elements, 25 tickets are provided within another section of the arena. The Ticket Policy allows for 30% overall G1C ticket distribution to qualifying community groups for the public purpose of promoting cultural, recreational, and educational facilities, services, and programs available to the public within the City of Sacramento.

To qualify for G1C tickets, community groups must:

  • be an IRS recognized 501c3 non-profit, school, youth group, library program, community center, neighborhood association or other recognized community group;

  • be based in and/or serving the public within one or more of the eight districts of the City of Sacramento by promoting community cultural, recreational, and educational facilities, services, and programs;

  • have a website (Facebook websites are acceptable); and

  • be able to provide concrete examples of service to the public (as outlined above) since January 1, 2016.

To apply for up to 25 G1C tickets, community groups:

  • should review the City's Ticket Policy (found in the link section below); and

Each request will be reviewed to ensure the nature of the ticket use is in compliance with the Ticket Distribution Policy. Please note, submission of the ticket request form does not guarantee receipt of tickets or receipt of tickets to a specific event, but will remain on file for future consideration.

Beginning January 1, 2017, should a request for G1C tickets be approved, community groups:

  • will receive PDF tickets and event information via email from the ticket administrator;

  • must provide the City's ticket administrator with a list of names for each individual using a ticket distributed by the community group for public reporting (individuals 17 or younger will be listed as "minor"); and

  • may receive a maximum of 25 G1C tickets total per calendar year.

G1C tickets distributed to community groups by the City of Sacramento:

  • are non-transferable;

  • may not be auctioned, raffled, or transferred via any other promotion;

  • are for the sole use of those individuals working for, volunteering for or directly benefiting from the mission and services of the community group; and

  • must be reported in compliance with the City Ticket Policy and procedures and in accordance with FPPC regulations by listing the name of the organization accepting the tickets, the organization's website, the number of tickets provided to the organization on the Form 802, and, beginning January 1, 2017, the names of each individual using a ticket on the City's Open Data Portal.


Legend for Online Data Portal Information

Sub - Venue Kings Kings Game
Sub - Venue Other Entertainment Non-Kings Game and/or Non-City Sponsored Event
Sub - Venue City City Sponsored Event
TicketREceipientTBL_ID Number Listed System Identifier
Category Unused Ticket(s) was not distributed.
Attendance Notes Absent from Suite Ticket distributed to recipient, and recipient did not enter suite.


We are happy to assist you. Please contact us via email at, or by phone at (916) 808-3745.