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As outlined in Sacramento City Code section 2.15 (Lobbyist Registration and Reporting), you may be required to register your lobbying activities with the City of Sacramento. The purpose of the Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Code is two-fold: 1) To ensure the public has full knowledge of who is attempting to influence the decisions that affect City policy; and 2) To ensure that elected City officials are informed of what interests each lobbyist represents.

If you are a lobbyist planning to do business with the City of Sacramento, the first step is to determine if you qualify under City Code, and whether you are required to register with the City Clerk's Office. This information is intended as a practical guide only. If you have questions about the law and how it applies to you, please refer to the complete text contained in City Code section 2.15.

Current Registered Lobbyists

How do I know if I need to register as a lobbyist?

If the only lobbying you do is included as an exemption under City Code section 2.15.050 then you have no filing requirement. If you are not exempt, continue reading the following information to determine your filing responsibilities. There are three types of lobbyists: contract, business or organization, and expenditure lobbyists. See the City Code section 2.15 for definitions of lobbying and further description of lobbyist types.

I meet the criteria and have a requirement to file, now what?

All lobbyists must use the Lobbyist Registration Report Form, for initial registration, quarterly reporting, amendments, and termination reports.

Filing requirements include:

  • Filing one original Lobbyist Registration Report Form (signed and dated) by 5:00 p.m. on the date due;
  • Submitting the payment (if required) on the due date with the form (Make checks payable to "City of Sacramento"); AND
  • Filing the original report and the payment (if required) with the City Clerk's Office.

All lobbyists, after their initial registration report, will need to file a quarterly report by April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15, of each year for the prior calendar quarter.

All lobbyists must track certain campaign contributions and consultant payments to the City and must report the following:

  • Campaign Contributions made by a lobbyist or a client at the lobbyist's behest to:
    1. any City official or City official-elect;
    2. a controlled committee; OR
    3. an office holder's fund or legal expense fund given personally or through an intermediary, totaling $100 or more, made during the calendar quarter.
  • Consultant Payments received by a lobbyist for services as a consultant or in any other capacity for services rendered to a City agency, any City official, or any City official-elect, or their controlled committees, any officeholder committee, or any ballot measure committee.

When is my initial report due?

The initial report is due by:

  • Contract Lobbyists must register within 15 days after meeting the $3,200 threshold in any consecutive three-month period.
  • Business or Organization Lobbyists must register within 15 days after meeting the 100 hour threshold in any consecutive three-month period.
  • Expenditure Lobbyists must register within 15 days after meeting the $5,000 threshold in any calendar year.

When is payment due?

The annual $100 registration fee (payable to the "City of Sacramento") is due at the time of initial registration (for first time filers), and annually with the fourth quarter filing due on January 15th. The initial fee is $50 if registering for the first time on or after June 30th.

  • Contract Lobbyists - Must pay an annual registration fee of $100, and a one time $25 fee for each client for whom lobbying was undertaken for compensation in excess of $500. The fee for subsequent clients is due with the quarterly report on which the new client was reported.
  • Business or Organization Lobbyists - Must pay an annual registration fee of $100.
  • Expenditure Lobbyists - Must pay an annual registration fee of $100.

What if I am late filing?

If fees are due at the time of filing AND the report is filed after the filing deadline, the filer will be subject to late penalties of $25 per day up to a maximum of $500. If the report and/or fees are mailed, it must be postmarked no later than the due date to be considered received by the filing deadline.

How do I complete the lobbyist form?

  • Section 1 - Completed by ALL Lobbyists
  • Section 2 - Completed by Contract Lobbyists ONLY
  • Section 3 - Completed by Business or Organization Lobbyists ONLY
  • Section 4 - Completed by Expenditure Lobbyists ONLY
  • Section 5 - Completed by ALL Lobbyists (even if there is nothing to disclose)
  • Section 6 - Completed by ALL Lobbyists (even if there is nothing to disclose)

Need Assistance or Have Questions?

We are happy to assist you. Please contact us via email at:, or by phone at (916) 808-7200.