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Sacramento Ethics Commission

The purpose of the commission is to review and consider complaints against elected and appointed city officials, to ensure those city officials are conforming their conduct to the city’s laws and policies.

The commission has the power and duty to do the following:

  • Review, investigate, and consider complaints alleging violations of section 35 of the Sacramento City Charter and various sections of the City Code as outlined in section 2.112.030.
  • Enforce administrative penalties for violations of provisions
  • Report to the city council regarding the activities of the commission
  • Provide annual input to the city attorney on the list of law firms used by the city attorney to conduct investigations of sexual harassment claims against city officials\
  • Provide input on the initial selection of an evaluator, and
  • Make recommendations for subsequent contracts with an evaluator
  • Make recommendations regarding the retention or replacement of an evaluator.

The commission’s authority extends only to city elected officials, candidates for city elected office, independent expenditure committees, members of boards and commissions, the city manager, the city clerk, the city attorney, the city treasurer, the city auditor, the independent budget analyst, and the public safety accountability officer.

Procedural Documents

Ethics Commission Operating Policies
Complaint Intake & Independent Evaluator Investigation Procedures
Administrative Hearing Procedures (forthcoming)
Settlement Procedures
Penalty Guidelines

2019 Committee Meeting Schedule

Committee Details and Roster

Committee Agenda & Minutes

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