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    The Sacramento SPCA provides the following end-of-life services at their facility:

    • Euthanasia Without Owner Present (By Appointment Only)

    • Emergency Euthanasia Without Owner Present (No Appointment Needed)

    • Euthanasia With Owner Present (By Appointment Only)


    You must bring (1) your government-issued ID and (2) your veterinarian's diagnosis in order to confirm the reason for euthanasia. If you do not provide these items, the Sacramento SPCA has the right to deny your euthanasia request.

    You are encouraged to bring your pet's favorite blanket or another comfort item from your home in order to provide your pet that extra added peace during his/her passing.

    Pick-up service and in-home service are NOT available.

    Cremation services are offered in partnership with Koefran. 

    For prices, appointments, and questions, please call 916-504-2851.

    For more info, please click HERE.