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Lost & Found Facebook Pages (Sacramento area)

Other Lost & Found Facebook Pages (in the Sacramento region)


Lost & Found Websites

  • Petharbor - a searchable online database of animals from animal shelters, animal control agencies, humane societies, and many private animal-welfare organizations across the United States and Canada
  • Pet Finder - a searchable online database of animals looking for homes from nearly 14,000 animals shelters and adoption organizations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico


How to Look Up a Microchip

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Universal Microchip Lookup can be used to identify which registry that a microchip is registered with or to provide the microchip's manufacturer. This tool works by searching the databases of participating companies and identifies which microchip registry should be contacted when a lost pet is scanned and a microchip number is found. It does not, however, provide owner information that is contained in the registries' databases.