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Complaints about noise are often one of the most difficult issues to resolved, and each case is handled differently and will depend on the situation. While the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services is unable to offer direct assistance through one of our animal control officers, we can offer you some options.

When we receive a barking dog complaint, we will notify the dog owner with a letter stating that his/her dog is creating a nuisance. The dog owner will also receive educational material to help facilitate behavior modification as well as alternative suggestions for improvement.

Please understand that it is unrealistic to think that the problem can be rectified immediately and that it may take several complaints and encounters with your neighboring dog owner before you will notice a difference. Persistence and patience are the keys to finding a good resolution.

Communicating With The Dog Owner:

  • If possible and if you feel comfortable approaching the dog owner, we recommend that you speak with the dog owner about the problem and explaining that the barking is disturbing. People believe that if there are no complaints, then the neighbors are comfortable with the situation. Often, however, the owners are not home during the barking episodes and are completely unaware of the problem.
  • If other neighbors share your concerns, then talk to the dog owner as a group or send a letter outlining the neighborhood's concerns.
  • Keep a written log documenting the times of the barking and the duration of the barking. This will help your case should you consider mediation or civil action against the dog owner.

Requesting Mediation with The Dog Owner:

  • If the problem continues or the owner is not receptive to the feedback, then you are encouraged to contact the Sacramento Mediation Center for assistance. They charge an initial fee to open a case, and all costs are solely your responsibility.