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Join a wonderful group of people and make new friends -- both two-legged and four-legged! Giving the gift of your time is both rewarding and fulfilling, but it is a lot of work!

Please make sure to read this entire page so that you don't miss out on any important information!

Questions or comments? Click HERE to email the Volunteer Team.

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The Front Street Animal Shelter is always looking for volunteers who want to help our animals find their new forever homes. We couldn't do it without our committed volunteers! You can be involved in a variety of ways: helping with morning cleaning, the pet food pantry, training the dogs, socializing the cats, fostering animals, special projects, fundraisers, events, and much more!

We have two types of volunteers: 

  • In-shelter volunteers work at the shelter in a variety of activities. Follow the directions below to join our team!

  • Foster-care volunteers care for cats or dogs in their own home. CLICK HERE if you are only interested in fostering.

    Many volunteers want to do both in-shelter activities AND fostering! If you want to do both, please sign up below as an in-shelter volunteer first and then we will connect you to our foster team.


Volunteer with dog WHO CAN HELP?

The Front Street Animal Shelter welcomes volunteers of all ages!

  • Are you 18 years or older and do not need any special assistance in your daily activities?  You can become an independent volunteer! Sign up below.

  • Are you a high-school student who needs to complete a student community service project?  CLICK HERE


Applications for student projects are accepted from September 1 to March 1. We cannot accommodate student projects after March 1.

  • Are you 16 years or older?  You can volunteer without adult supervision. CLICK HERE

  • Are you from the ages of 12 to 15?  You can volunteer with the supervision of a parent or guardian. CLICK HERE

  • Are you under the age of 12?   You will not be able to volunteer at our shelter but you can still help our shelter animals by working on community projects, such as a donation drive, newspaper projects, cat mobiles, or pet treat bags.  CLICK HERE

  • Do you have special physical needs?  CLICK HERE

  • Are you a group leader and want to schedule a group project?  CLICK HERE

  • Do you only want to foster (must be 18 years or older)?  CLICK HERE


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Decide if the Front Street Animal Shelter Volunteer Program is right for you.

Join us if you are able to do the following:

  • Commit to a minimum of 3 months and a minimum total of 12 hours of volunteer service.

    If your community service project requires less hours, you will be expected to complete 20 hours before we will sign your service project paper and verify your hours.

  • Commit to working 12 hours of basic shelter volunteering by helping with shelter chores before you begin training to work with our animals.

  • Commit to continue working a minimum of one (1) shift per month of basic shelter chores.

  • Commit to providing excellent customer service to our visitors, staff, and fellow volunteers.

  • Commit to treating all animals with respect.

  • Commit to being Front Street Shelter advocates in the Sacramento community and surrounding communities.

  • Commit to using the online volunteer system and following shelter protocol in all areas.

  • Understand that the shelter environment is challenging, rewarding, chaotic, wonderful, crazy, heart-breaking, fulfilling, and lots of hard work!



Community Service Volunteering Front Street Animal Shelter

The Front Street Animal Shelter welcomes a limited number of applicants for our court-ordered community service program. Court-ordered community service volunteers do not work hands-on with the shelter animals. Instead, they assist the staff with janitorial duties such as picking up litter, cleaning kennels, bagging dog food, cleaning dishes, washing laundry, and other tasks as assigned.


CLICK HERE for more details about court-mandated community service





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QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS?  Click HERE to email the Volunteer Team




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