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Building Permit Fee Estimates

Many building projects have complex financial hurdles which must be navigated to make a concept become a reality. For these projects, you can request a preliminary fee estimate to be prepared.

Request a Fee Estimate

1. Complete the fee estimate worksheet 
2. Submit the completed form to 
3. Pay the processing fee once the fee estimate invoice is received
  a. Estimates with a project valuation under 1 million dollars cost $164.00, and projects with a valuation 1 million and greater are $492.00.  

A variety of information about your project is required to perform an accurate fee estimate.  Please read the instructions on the estimate worksheet carefully.

  • A fee estimate cannot be prepared without providing a valid street address or parcel number locating your project. 
  • Estimate will not include fees and charges associated with permitting of any offsite work (street, sewer, etc. improvements) required by Public Works.