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Residential non-structural/non-floor-plan altering bathroom remodel

Projects which involve the non-structural renovation of a residential bathroom. This category is not intended for the permitting of repair work limited to repair or replacement of a single bathroom fixture (i.e. toilet replacement, vanity replacement, shower valve repair or replacement). Scopes which involve more than one item (whether it be fixture or electrical circuit), but not a full remodel should be calculated from project value rather than as a flat fee.

For fees related to Structural or floor-plan altering remodel of a Residential Bathroom refer to Residential Remodel.





Due on all non-floor-plan altering Bathroom remodel  Permits:



Building Permit Fee


General Plan Fee



Green Building Fee



Technology Fee






Due on some non-floor-plan altering Bathroom remodel  Permits:

Circumstance under which fee is due:


City Operations Tax

Only charged if a California licensed contractor is the permit holder.