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Building in Natomas Basin

If you are unfamiliar with the City’s development approval process one simple rule can guide you in how to begin your pursuit of a building permit. All building permit applications must be accompanied by a current Planning Referral (PR) sheet. If your project was entitled prior to the FEMA 2008 flood zone re-designation your entitlement is likely protected by Ordinance 2009-007, however you will still need a current PR sheet to submit a building permit application. To contact the Planning Division in pursuit of a current PR sheet email or visit the public counter at 300 Richards Blvd, 3rd floor, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm.

If you have already acquired a current PR sheet you may apply for a building permit at the public counter location shown above or remotely via the Electronic Plan Check (EPC) program. 

Below are links that contain additional detailed information regarding the Natomas Basin. If these links do not provide you with the information you are seeking, you may email the City at or call 311:

Permit Application and Master Plan Information 

Plan Review Information 

Field Inspection Information 

Planning Information

Flood Information

The following are forms and worksheets which may be necessary or, in some cases, helpful for applicants in the Natomas Basin:

Building Permit Application – CDD-0200

Production Home Approximation Tool for Residential Fees (New Construction) Natomas Basin – CDD-0319

Electronic Plan Check (EPC) Building Permit Submittal Requirements

Fees and Charges Collected on Commercial Building Permits – CDD-0216

Fees and Charges Collected on Residential Building Permits – CDD-0245

Applicant’s Preliminary Building Permit Fee Estimate Worksheet – CDD-0278

Our complete list of Building Division Forms is available here