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Natomas Basin Information

Preconstruction meeting:  

Contractor shall schedule this meeting with the Supervising Building Inspector prior to any work being performed at the project site. An outline of the inspection processes will be discussed and coordinated between the contractor and the City. Examples of items that will be discussed are:

  • Building inspectors will call approximately 30 minutes prior to arriving at the project site;
  • To request building inspections, either call (916) 808-7622, use our Citizen Portal on your computer, or your Smart Phone.
  • To request fire inspections, either call (916) 808-1643 or email the Development Services Team. City Fire staff will then reply and schedule an inspection
Field Inspection expectations (where a slab exists):
  • Engineer certification:  Field staff to verify that certification letter is provided for the project. Plan review staff will review and approve this process as stated in the Plan Review guidelines. 
  • Existing plumbing (ABS):  Contractor shall cut down to the top of slab.  The condition of the drain and sewer lines will be viewed by camera with the inspector present. 
  • Existing electrical services shall be inspected and approved by SMUD, prior to obtaining power. The contractor is responsible to coordinate this inspection with SMUD. 
  • Preconstruction meeting: Please see the details for this item above 

Field inspection contacts:

Josh Pino, Principal Building Inspector
Phone: (916)808-6518

Tim Green, Supervising Building Inspector
Phone: (916)808-5205