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Building Permit Fee Estimates

Many building projects have complex financial hurdles which must be navigated to make a concept become a reality. For these projects the on-line fee estimating tools provided on our website may not provide the accuracy necessary to budget and plan for Building Permit Fee related project costs. 
If you would like a prepared fee estimate follow the steps below.  Estimates with a project valuation under 1 million dollars cost $164.00, and projects with a valuation 1 million and greater are $492.00. 
Bear in mind, that a fee estimate cannot be prepared without providing a valid street address or parcel number locating your project. A variety of information about your project is required to perform an accurate fee estimate. Please read the instructions supplied with form CDD-0278 so that you fully understand the information being sought for each category and box.

Please, note that this estimate will not include fees and charges associated with permitting of any offsite work (street, sewer, etc. improvements) required by Public Works. 

Download a copy of form CDD-0278 by selecting the link below.

Applicant's Preliminary Building Permit Fee Estimate Worksheet - CDD-0278