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The City of Sacramento’s Addressing Team is responsible for the maintenance and assignment of all addresses within its jurisdiction, this also includes secondary assignments like suites or unit numbers. Please check that the property you are requesting address assistance for is located within City of Sacramento city limits. The City of Sacramento uses addressing standards passed by City Resolution 2009-0518, later amended by City Resolution 2011-0563, as the foundation for all address assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I request an address? 

  1. Completed Address Request Form. 

  2. Building plans that show primary entrances and the internal layout of the building (and floor plans if multi-story). 

  3. Building Permit Number. 

  4. Completed Agent of Owner Authorization Form (if the owner is not the applicant).


How long does it take to get an address?

We typically process addressing requests in the order they are received. New requests for addresses take approximately 5-6 weeks to complete due to a large influx of requests, but if we can get to it sooner, we certainly will. It is longer for subdivisions, apartments, and more complex addressing projects. These timelines may be extended if there are complex addressing scenarios.

Once an address is requested and assigned, it requires the approval of Public Safety. Once this approval is received, we can send out an official address notification which gets sent to USPS, SMUD, Regional Public Safety, etc. The City’s permitting system is updated once a month, so the addresses assigned won’t be available until after the 2nd week of each month.

Due to the timing, we strongly encourage you to apply for addressing as soon as possible to prevent it from holding up your permit.


I need an address off an alley. What do I do? 

Please work with the Addressing team to determine if the alley is unnamed and if there are street signs posted. If it is determined that the alley needs to be named, the Addressing team will send a list of preapproved names to choose from to be used with the Street Name Approval Form which is required.  New names cannot be suggested for this process at this time. Please be sure to provide an alternative (from the preapproved list) on the street name approval form in the event your first choice is unavailable.

If signage is not posted at either intersection, contact Development Engineering for assistance with getting a street sign fabricated and installed. Signage may be a requirement to get your building permit finaled. Please keep in mind that posting street signage does require a certain amount of time to get in place so it is not something you want to do at the last minute as it can hold up your permit. All costs for fabricating and installing a street sign, as well as any encroachment permits that may be required will be the responsibility of the applicant. 


How do I change my mailing address? 

Mailing addresses are maintained by Sacramento County. Open this Link and follow the steps and instruction from the Sacramento County website.  


How do I find my Parcel Number or know if I’m in City limits?

Using Sacramento County’s Assessor Parcel Viewer, you can look up your address and find your Assessor Parcel Number (APN) and the jurisdiction that property belongs to.


How do I set up mail delivery for my newly created address? 

The United States Postal Service (USPS) will require verification from the City of Sacramento. Once you have this information, bring it to your local post office. USPS will determine the location of the new mailbox as well as approve the size (dimensions of the mailbox as well as the height from the ground).


How do I get my new parcel number? How long does it take?

This is a common question the City of Sacramento receives. The new assessor parcel number is generated by Sacramento County Assessor’s Office. Once the information is available, the City of Sacramento has access to it within a few days. There are pieces of information that are required other than the APN in order for the City to consider the parcel officially created. To find out more information about the lot transaction, we recommend reaching out directly to Sacramento County Assessor’s Office mapping unit.


Other questions or interests?

Interested in finding information on development activity in the City of Sacramento? Explore AgencyCounter.

Interested in finding specific information on permits, visit our online permitting page which provides access to the Citizen Portal.

Still unable to find what you’re looking for? Contact for questions about building permits and inspections or for planning or entitlement questions.

Addressing Contact Information
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