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Who May Apply for a Permit?

 Anyone may apply.  However, by law, building permits can be issued to:

  • Property owners and are required by state law to sign an owner-builder verification stating that they are actually doing their own work and are exempt from the requirement of having Workers Compensation Insurance, or they will be required to provide a certificate of insurance.
  • Licensed contractors and must provide a Certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Authorized agents who must complete the form.
Steps to apply for a permit
  • Download the form
  • Assemble the package with the appropriate forms.
    • If you are the property owner you will need to complete the Owner Verification Form.
    • All applications for Reroofs and HVAC permits now require a completed Title 24 Energy Code Alteration Form (CF-1R-ALT). Depending on the scope of your project additional energy forms may be required.
    • If you are acting as an agent for the property owner or the contractor you must have the contractor or property owner complete the appropriate authorization form.