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All new submittals and resubmittals must be submitted through the City’s Electronic Plan Check (EPC) system. For a complete list of services during this time please visit our online services page.  

Plan Review 

Plan review is the first step of the permitting process. Whether the project is a homeowner converting a garage or a developer constructing a high rise, the plan review team reviews each project for safety. As part of the plan review, staff checks property line setbacks and height requirements..

Plans must be clear and drawn to scale in order to show code compliance. They may be prepared by the owner, architect, engineer, draftsperson or designer. Depending on the complexity of the project, a licensed California architect or engineer may be required to prepare the plans.



Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when preparing plans?

Click here for more information.

How long does the plan review process take?

The process depends on the size of the project, whether it is a new project, a remodel, an addition, etc. Projected turnaround can be found here.

When are plans required?

There are very few exceptions when plans are not required for commercial building projects; however, not all residential permit applications require plans. The table gives a basic outline of what is required for most residential permits.

  • What is evaluated when a plan is submitted?

Plan reviewers evaluate plans and supplemental files for minimum compliance with applicable Federal, State, and City codes, laws and ordinances.

Plans can be prepared and designed by an engineer or architect licensed by the State of California.  For more details, click here.

What other reviews should I know about?

Depending on your project, it may be reviewed by other departments.  To learn more about development review, click here

How does off-site improvement work/construction in the public right-of-way affect my building plans review?

A permit is required to perform any work within the public right-of-way (usually a sidewalk, street, alley or easement) or to use portions of a street for exclusive purposes per the City Code.

Generally, the conditions of approval for the project will indicate if off-site improvements are necessary. Depending on the scope of work, the required off-site improvements may require a minor encroachment permit or a major encroachment permit. Building projects submitted for building plan review on or after February 12th, 2021 which also require any off-site improvements must submit an Encroachment Permit to Development Engineering no later than by the cycle 2 review of the building plan check resubmittal to continue with building plan review. Email for any questions regarding the Encroachment Permit process which aren’t covered on the City web page.