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Design Criteria

Residential Seismic & Wind Criteria

2016 California Building Code Design Table

Commercial Seismic & Wind Criteria

  • Seismic- Design Category D.

  • •Soils reports are required for new buildings. Allowable Soil Bearing Pressure of 1500 psf without a soils report may be used for small additions, renovations, and minor structures (sheds, utility structures, fences, etc.). Many areas of Sacramento contain expansive soil. It is the designer’s responsibility to identify if expansive soil is present. If present, a soils report is necessary per CBC Section 1803 and CRC Section R401.4. An addendum to the soils report is required if the report is more than three years old or if the soils report references the previous code cycle. 

  • Wind- Exposure: C, unless site complies with definition for Exposure B.

  • Speed: Ultimate Design Wind Speed, 3 second gust (CBC 1609.3)*:

 Risk Category

 Speed (mph)







*Lower design speeds are evaluated on a project specific basis.

Additional Design Criteria

  • Climate Zone - 12.

  • 40 psi Max guaranteed water pressure.

  • Rainfall:

  • 1.5" per hour max for structural design of roof framing elements.
  • 3" per hour for the purpose of sizing roof drains, conductors, leaders, gutters, and storm sewers. See Sacramento City Code section 15.24.030
  • For disabled access requirements and information, please vision our Disabled Access page.

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