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Electronic Plan Check

The Electronic Plan Check (EPC) program enables applicants to submit Portable Document Files (PDF), as an alternative to submitting the required, application, construction drawings, and supportive documentation (i.e. structural calculations, soils reports, water supply tests, etc.) in the traditional paper form.

Would you like to avoid coming down to the public counter and waiting to submit your building permit application for review? If so, it just got a lot easier to do this. Download the Electronic Plan Check (EPC) submittal requirements guide shown below to learn how.

If your project valuation is $1 million dollars or greater, you are required to submit your plans via our EPC program. In most instances these projects are also assigned a dedicated Project Manager to guide you through the building application, plan review and permitting process.

Beginning March 1, 2018 all Master Plan Review Applications must be submitted electronically. 


Files submitted for EPC must be prepared in conformance with specified standards outlined in the following downloadable document.  The submittal package should be prepared by referring to the submittal requirements document first.  The Verification Checklist should be used to double check your package prior to submission.

Don’t be intimidated by the length of the submittal guide. It is primarily comprised of screenshots showing how to navigate each screen of the submittal process. Because you can submit 24 hours a day 7 days a week it was recognized that questions may arise after hours. The guide is intended to be a comprehensive reference which can be consulted throughout the process. If you are looking for a brief document which provides a condensed overview of how the City of Sacramento's Electronic Plan Check process works begin by downloading the EPC Quick Reference Submittal Guide.

EPC Quick Reference Submittal Guide

Electronic Plan Check (EPC) Building Permit Submittal Requirements 

Verification Checklist (CDD-0316)

EPC Power Point Presentation



Public Counter:

EPC application submission can be made at the Public Counter at 300 Richards Blvd., 3rd Floor. Files should be submitted on a compact disc or flash drive. This media will be retained by the city, and it will not be returned. Make a copy of these originally submitted files for your own retention.

Submitting On-Line:


The Electronic Plan Check (EPC) system has experienced some recent service fluctuations. If any difficulties are experienced while uploading files for review, please contact your assigned Project Manager or Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

EPC application submission can also be made remotely via the Citizen Portal. Download the submittal guide shown above and refer to the section titled Submitting On-Line for more detailed instructions.