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Electronic Plan Check

The Electronic Plan Check (EPC) program enables applicants to submit Portable Document Files (PDF), as an alternative to submitting the required, application, construction drawings, and supportive documentation (i.e. structural calculations, soils reports, water supply tests, etc.) in the traditional paper form.


New!  The EPC program has been enhanced with e-Planning Services. Instead of visiting the public counter or emailing, applicants are now able to obtain Planning clearance to submit to Building through our Citizen Portal. Simply sign up for a basic account and create a Planning Application Submittal (PLN). Once Planning clears the project to submit to Building plan review, a Building Submittal Record (SUB) is automatically created, and the applicant is notified via email of next steps. Note that all building permits require clearance from Planning to submit to Building.

For our existing EPC customers we prepared a visual representation of the process before and after our e-Planning enhancement to the electronic plan check process.


Files submitted for EPC must be prepared in conformance with specified standards outlined in the submittal requirement documents below. 

EPC Quick Reference Submittal Guide 

EPC Submittal Verification Checklist - CDD-0316

Additionally, for a complete guide on file content requirements, formatting instructions and visual demonstration of the process, the Electronic Plan Check (EPC) Building Permit Complete Submittal Guide provides detailed information.


  • Projects with a valuation of $1 million dollars or greater
  • Master Plan Review Applications
  • Facilities Permit Program (FPP) registered projects
Note that due to health and wellness concerns the public counter is closed until further notice. During this time all plan review applications must be submitted electronically. Additionally, all of our services are available electronically. Please visit our Online Services page for details.


For questions regarding building EPC, email, or your assigned Project Manager.

For questions regarding e-Planning services, email


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