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Neighborhood Code Compliance 

The City of Sacramento Neighborhood Code Compliance works in partnership with the citizens of Sacramento to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. Staff handles community and neighborhood code issues, including illegal dumping, abandoned or inoperable vehicles, graffiti, weed-abatement, and zoning violations.

Neighborhood code compliance improves the quality of life in Sacramento's neighborhoods through awareness, education and enforcement, including:

  • Abandoned vehicles – considered one of the top code compliance complaints in neighborhoods 
  • Anti-Graffiti – aimed to wipe out graffiti and clean up crime
  • Junk and Debris – removes illegal dumped debris, accumulated trash and junk, abandoned or inoperable vehicles on private properties, etc. 
  • Weed abatement – reduces the fire danger associated with neglected lots. 
  • Housing and Dangerous Buildings – enforces city and state mandated codes on residential and commercial structures that are dangerous, vacant, substandard or blighted. 
  • Vacant Buildings - properties that are vacant and neglected can be cited as a public nuisance after 30 days.

Please see the most common Neighborhood Code complaints and how to be in compliance.

For quick reference, please view the neighborhood code compliance brochure below. 
Neighborhood Compliance Brochure Cover