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Code Liaison Officer Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to promote and maintain a desirable living and working environment for Sacramento residents and business owners, the Code Compliance Division is launching the Code Liaison Officer program. Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers by being accessible and responsive to their needs.


Through this program, we will:

  • Improve communication with our customers
  • Provide immediate access to a code enforcement officer
  • Educate our customers on current City Codes and State laws
  • Strengthen our relationships with our neighborhoods and business community
  • More efficiently address and resolve code violations
  • Increase the rate of voluntary code compliance

Meet your Code Liaison

Photo of Code Liaison

Leia, Code Liaison

I have 25 years of customer service experience both in the public and private sector. I enjoy working with the public and providing the best level of service possible. Although most of my experience is in the private sector, I intend on applying my knowledge by connecting property and business owners with city resources and educating the public on general code regulations. I have been part of the code liaison program since January of 2020 and have enjoyed working with our city’s diverse population. I look forward to helping you with your neighborhood issues.

How to report a code violation 

To report a code violation, please submit a request through 311.

For more information on the Code Liaison Officer program, please send an e-mail to or call (916) 808-2633.

Inspection and Notice Process

Click on the images below:

Code Liaison Infographic Code Liaison Infographic second page

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Notice of Alleged Violation?

A Notice of Alleged Violation is a courtesy notice used to notify the property owner of the following:

  • The City received a complaint regarding the conditions and/or unlawful activity is a violation of the City Code.
  • A particular code violation(s) and/or unlawful activity is specified and states the time limit to resolve of correct the violation(s) voluntarily.
  • A follow-up date for property inspections by the Code Enforcement Officer will be scheduled to determine if the compliance was achieved if the case can not be closed by the Code Liaison.
  • Failure to take the initiative to comply will result in additional enforcement action (issuance of the Notice and Order)

What do I do if I receive a Notice of Alleged Violation from the City of Sacramento?

Follow the instructions given on the notice to correct the violation(s) within the required deadline date. If you cannot correct the violation(s) by the date listed on your notice, or you do not understand of have questions about this notice, contact the Code Liaison at the telephone number listed on the notice. the Code Liaison will assist you and may grant an extension when the need for such request can be demonstrated. 

What happens when violation(s) are not corrected?

If the violation(s) are not corrected at the time the Code Enforcement Officer conducts a follow-up inspection, he/she shall issue a Notice and Order, Administrative Penalty, and/or Criminal Citation to the property owner. The notices are sent by first class and certified mail with a copy posted on the subsequent inspection related to this case.