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The Sacramento City Code was recently amended to allow for a waiver of the $65.00 program fee but only for certain parcels. Sacramento City Code section 8.136.080 allows for a waiver of the vacant lot program fee required in section 8.136.030. However, the waiver does not provide an exemption for the registration requirement.

The waiver of the annual fee only applies if the property is not in violation of Chapter 8.136 and one of the following applies:

  1. A structure is being constructed on the vacant lot under an active building permit

  2. The vacant lot has a private community garden as defined in section 17.108.040 of the Sacramento City Code

  3. The vacant lot is subject to a conservation easement, as defined in section 815.1 of the California Civil Code

  4. The vacant lot has a parking lot as defined in section 17.108.170 of the Sacramento City Code

  5. The vacant lot is being used for general use agriculture, as defined in section 17.108.020 of the Sacramento City Code

  6. The vacant lot is located on a parcel that was created within the past 24 months pursuant to division VIII of title 17

  7. The vacant lot is used as an extension of a primary parcel and meets all the following criteria:
    a. The vacant lot abuts the primary parcel
    b. The vacant lot and primary parcel have identical ownership
    c. The primary parcel is not in violation of this code

  8. There is an active Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone contract, pursuant to chapter 17.722, covering the vacant lot

The request for a waiver of the program fee is part of the registration fee. If you have already registered your vacant lot and only seek to request a waiver, you may obtain the form here: Waiver of Program Fees Application.