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Sacramento rental property owners subject to the program must register their properties annually and pay an annual program fee of $20 per unit. Properties owners will receive an annual registration packet that must be completed and returned to the City.

After registering, we will invoice property owners annually based on the number of registered rental units in their name. The fee helps pay the City’s cost to implement and enforce the program.

Landlords who fail to register their rental properties and/or pay the annual program are subject to administrative penalties.

For information on the registration process, please contact or call 916-808-8121.

Rental properties covered:

  • Apartments built prior to February 1995
  • Duplexes built prior to February 1995
  • Mobile home rentals (dwelling only)
  • Single-occupancy rooms in hotels rented for longer than 30 days

Rental properties not covered:

  • Single-family dwellings
  • Rental units in condominiums
  • Stock cooperatives


  • Annual rates cannot exceed 5 percent plus the change in Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • Current maximum rate increase is 9 percent and is updated annually on July 1.
  • Rental rate cannot be increased more than once every 12 months.
  • Rate limit applies to all tenants regardless of how long they have resided in the unit.
  • Landlord who violates the code and improperly increase rent are subject to administrative penalties.


  • Landlord can petition City for hearing examiner to review an increase rent above the maximum.
  • Landlord must provide documentation to justify request.
  • Hearing examiner makes a determination based on facts presented; and the decision is final.
  • For detailed information regarding the Fair Rate of Return Petition process, please review the Administrative Procedures.

To request the Landlord Fair Rate of Return Petition form, please contact our office.

Landlord must offer to renew rental housing agreement if tenant has resided in unit for more than 12 months plus one day. Evictions are prohibited without “just cause” once tenant has resided in rental unit for more than 12 months. These “just cause” reasons include:

  • Failure to pay rent.
  • Breach of rental housing agreement.
  • Criminal or nuisance activity.
  • Failure to give access.
  • Necessary and substantial repairs requiring temporary vacancy.
  • Owner move-in.
  • Withdrawal of rental unit from rental market.


Landlords who violate any provisions of the code are subject to administrative penalties up to $25,000 per offense.


If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact our office 916-808-8121 or email