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Sacramento CARES Mediation Program

FREE City of Sacramento COVID-19-related Commercial & Residential Landlord & Tenant Mediation Services

Provided by the Sacramento Mediation Center, a Program of California Lawyers for the Arts
Funded by City of Sacramento COVID Relief Funding

When we find ourselves involved in a disagreement about how to solve a problem, we sometimes experience high levels of emotion and frustration in the search for a remedy. This can be particularly challenging right now as we each face COVID-19 Impacts. To assist with these important conversations, specifically as it relates to the local Tenant Eviction Moratorium Ordinance and related rent repayment plans, the City has hired the Sacramento Mediation Center to provide dispute resolution services for properties within the city of Sacramento.

Dispute resolution services under this program are voluntary and at no cost to the participating parties while funding is available.  Mediation sessions are conducted by a panel of mediators who provide an informal, confidential, and professional setting.  They facilitate the discussions whereby the parties define the issues, develop their options and decide on solutions.  Mediators do not decide what is right or wrong. Each participant has ample opportunity to express his or her perspectives and needs, as well as contribute thoughts and ideas for a mutually acceptable resolution.

Benefits of Mediation for all parties:

  • Preserves tenancy & occupancy
  • Saves time and money, especially amidst additional tenant protections due to COVID
  • Allows full participation in decisions
  • Encourages more creative solutions
  • Helps cultivate peaceful relationships


Types of situations appropriate for mediation within this program:

- Commercial and Residential Landlords & Tenants Impacted by COVID-19

  • Negotiating repayment plans
  • Discussing rent and future tenancy
  • Negotiating lease terms
  • Seeking an alternative option to legal processes for tenancy and leases
  • Other COVID-related disagreements and needs for facilitated conversations

Informational Documents

For more information, and to request mediation services, please call (916) 850-9010 or email

Other local resources for businesses and residents

City of Sacramento Small Business Hotline
Phone: 916-808-7196 
Sacramento Renters Helpline
Phone: 916-389-7877 
Sacramento Tenant Protection Program
Phone: 916-808-8121