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Downtown Developer Toolkit

Downtown Developer Toolkit

In the 2015 State of the City address, Mayor Kevin Johnson launched the Downtown Housing Initiative as part of the larger Sacramento 3.0 strategy, where the City will become a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. One of the implementation actions for this initiative is the creation of an online Developer Toolkit. This toolkit outlines policies, processes, incentives and resources available to facilitate the development of these 10,000 units.

The Downtown Developer Toolkit incorporates policies, processes, incentives and resources to assist in the development of residential projects downtown. As new programs and resources are developed they will be added to the toolkit. Below is diagram showing the development process starting with the conceptual plans and ending with construction. The toolkit is intended to inform this part of the development process.

Downtown Housing Boundary

Reasons to Develop In Downtown

Development in downtown Sacramento is becoming increasingly popular for the following reasons:

  • Increasing market demand from millennials and empty nesters
  • City policy has paved the way for high quality urban development, by upgrading the General Plan, Zoning Code, Parking Code, Urban Design Guidelines, and Building Permit Process to streamline the review process
  • In comparison, Downtown Sacramento fees are less than seven other jurisdictions in the region, including Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville, Woodland and Sacramento County
  • Infill fees apply within area with reduced parkland dedication and fees for high density housing
  • Savings on development costs utilizing existing infrastructure
  • Access to a variety of transportation choices, including bikeways, buses, light rail and a future streetcar
  • Faster permitting compared to other jurisdictions
  • CEQA exemptions and streamlining for projects under 5 acres
  • Access to diverse employment base
  • Access to world class recreational and cultural amenities, including the Entertainment and Sports Center, American River Parkway, and the Crocker Museum
  • Downtown is the center of Sacramento’s night life, restaurant and music scene 

Downtown Developer Toolkit