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Environmental REVIEW Reports

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) applies to City projects and to private development projects that require discretionary action by the City.  If a project is not exempt from review, the City conducts environmental review, and typically prepares either a mitigated negative declaration (MND) or an environmental impact report (EIR).  These documents evaluate the physical effects on the environment of the project or action.  The first section below lists environmental documents for projects or actions that are under consideration, including environmental documents open for public comment.  Environmental review documents for planning projects, such as the general plan, are included in the second section.  The third section includes an archive for environmental documents that have been prepared and may be of interest on a continuing basis.

Questions concerning the list may be directed to Ron Bess, Assistant Planner (916-808-8272),; Scott Johnson, Senior Planner (916-808-5842),; or Tom Buford, Environmental Manager (916-808-7931),

Filed Notices of Exemption


The following notices identify environmental documents circulated for public comment. Comment periods are identified in the notice for each document

24 R Theater Project (DR22-028)

920 San Juan Residential Development Project (P21-008)

1015 V Street Homes (Z21-024)

1039 North D Street Basketball Courts Project

1143 Blumenfeld Cannabis Complex Project (Z21-027)

2020 Temporary Groundwater Substitution Water Transfer (Department of Utilities)

2021-2029 Housing Element Update

2021 Planning and Development Code Omnibus Ordinance (Title 17 Bundle) (M19-010)

2040 General Plan Update and Climate Action Plan

4050 Florin Road Retail & Hydrogen Station Addition Project (P20-040)

4240 Pinell Street Development Project (DR21-124)

7800 West Stockton Boulevard Apartments (P18-075)

 Ad Hoc Ordinance Streamlining the Planning Entitlement Process (M19-004)

Aggie Square Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District and Community Benefits Agreement

Airfield Park Project

Airport South Industrial Project (P21-017)

Arden Gateway (DR18-029)

Arden Way Affordable Housing Project (DR18-390)

Arena Brownstone Living Project (P22-026)

Ascent Apartments Project (DR22-191)

Auburn Boulevard over Arcade Creek Bridge Replacement Project 

Azores (P14-030)

Bell Avenue Commercial Center Project (P20-016)

Bell Avenue Warehouses Project (P19-015)

Broadway Bridge EIR-EA

      Draft EIR Appendices

Broadway Complete Streets Project (Department of Public Works)

Bruceville Apartments (P18-073)

California Department of General Services - Richards Boulevard Office Complex Project

California Truck & Trailer Repair Project (P21-002)

Cathedral Square Project (P05-161)

Central City Specific Plan

Christian Brothers High School Sports Complex Renovation (P19-020)

City Code Title 17 Amendments

Community Development Department:  Citywide Design Guidelines

Complete Streets Policy

Construction Storage Yard – Vinci Avenue (DR20-025)

Costco - Natomas (P22-019)

Natomas Crossing (P04-264)

Curtis Park Village // Crocker Village

(P04-109) (P12-026) (P14-036) (P15-027)


Del Rio Trail Project

Delta Shores (P06-197)

Department of Utilities -3rd Street Sewer Relief Project

Department of Utilities - Accelerated Water Meter Project

Department of Utilities - Accelerated Water Meter Package Z93 Project

Department of Utilities -CSS Sewer Main Replacement Blocks 1-4 and CSS Optimization Projects

Department of Utilities - Florin Reservoir Pump Station Improvements (Z14130100)

    Department of Utilities - Groundwater Master Plan and Well Replacement Program

    Department of Utilities - McKinley Water  Vault Project

    Department of Utilities - Routine Maintenance of Stream Channels

    Department of Utilities - Sacramento Water + Treatment Plants Resiliency and Improvements Project

    Department of Utilities - Shasta Park  Water Facility - Well 166 Project

    Department of Utilities -South Land Park and Richmond Grove Water Meter Retrofits Project

      Department of Utilities -Sump 85 Reconstruction Project (X14130904)

      Department of Utilities - Sump Station Improvements Project

      Dry Creek Estates Project (P20-040)

      Duckhorn Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Center Project (DR21-017)

      Dutch Bros - Freeport and Florin (P21-045)

      Elder Creek 7 Eleven Annexation Project (P20-036)

      Element Hotel and Coca Cola Building (DR19-107)

      Elite Truck Repair Project (P22-007)

      Fairgrounds Subdivision (P18-048)

      Florin Perkins Warehouse Expansion Project (DR20-204)

      Franklin Boulevard Complete Street Project (T1516550)

      Fruitridge Shopping Center (P18-007) and Parking Lot Modification (DR21-101)

      Gateway West Commercial  Project (P17-057)

      Greenbriar Development Project (P11-093)

      Final Environmental Impact Report


        Greenbriar Project (M05-046/P05-069)

        1st Draft Environmental Impact Report

        Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report

        2nd Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report

        Greenbriar Tentative Map Revision (Z18-096)

        Greenbriar Phase 2 Development

        Harvard Park (P17-061)

        Historic District Plans, Update to the Sacramento Register of Historic and Cultural Resources and Other Preservation-Related Actions

        Hyatt Boutique Hotel (PB14-061)

        Hyatt House and Place (P18-071)

        HP Hood Cold Storage Expansion Project (DR21-034)

        I Street Bridge Replacement Project: A New Bridge Over the Sacramento River (Identified by the U.S. Coast Guard as the “C Street Bridge”)

        Innovate Corporate Center (P16-017)

        Innovation Park & CNU Medical Center Project (P18-077)

        Kaiser South Emergency Department Expansion (Z18-214)

        Kaiser South Medical Center Expansion (P04-185)

        Klotz Ranch Apartments (P19-070)

        L&D Landfill Vertical Expansion Project (Z18-112)

        Leisure Lane/Expo Parkway Gas Station & Retail Project (P22-037)

        Lower American River Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration Project

        Mack Road Storage Facility Project (P18-076)

        Mansion Inn Apartments (DR19-174)

        Pacifica Senior Arts Community (P14-024)

        Maverick at Granite Regional Park (P20-025)

        McClellan Heights Parker Homes Land Use and Infrastructure Plan


        McKinley Village (P08-086) (P18-010)

        Meadowview and 24th Street Streetscape Project

          Medley Apartments Project (P18-070)

          Ministerial Approval of Infill Housing 

          Morey Place Subdivision (P19-030)

          Natomas II Apartments (P19-075)

          Natomas Fountains Apartments (P21-025)

          Natomas Meadows East (P17-047)

              Natomas Quad B Office project (P08-014)

              Natomas Town Center II (East) (P18-087)

              North 12th Street Complete Streets Project

              North 16th Street Streetscape Project

              Northgate Industrial Park Project (P22-017)

              Northlake Phase 1 - Village 14 (P22-023)

              North Natomas Regional Park MND

              Northwest Land Park Phase Five (P18-067)

              Norwood TownHomes Project (Z21-086)

              Old Sacramento Embarcadero and K Street Barge Repair (PB15-030) 

                Opus at Folsom and Elvas Student Housing (P21-011)

                Osage Warehouse Project (DR21-163)

                Panhandle Annexation (P16-013)

                  Paso Verde School Project EIR (Natomas Unified School District, certified March 13, 2019)

                  Proposed Changes to Planned Roadway Improvements in the North Natomas Community Plan

                  Quick Quack Car Wash Florin Road (P18-012)

                  Raley & Diesel Warehouse Project (DR21-268)


                  Retreat (P18-063)

                  River Oaks Marketplace (P19-012)

                  Downtown Ford (P04-106)

                  Robert T. Matsui Waterfront Park Improvements Environmental Assessment

                  Robla Estates Project (P21-009)

                  Sacramento Convention Center Renovation and Expansion & 15th/K Street Hotel Projects

                  SAC Music Hall & Performing Arts Center Project (P20-041)

                  Sacramento River Parkway (Central Pocket Levee Trail Segment)

                  Sacramento Self Storage (P17-063)

                  Sacramento Valley Station Area Plan

                  South Avenue Place Tentative Map (P18-084)

                  Stockton Boulevard Specific Plan

                  Sutter Greens 2.0 Apartments Project (P21-013)

                  Swanston Station Transit Village Specific Plan

                  Tanzanite Subdivision (P20-009)

                  *See Natomas Crossing 3 below for original MND and Resolution No. 2003-453

                  Terrace Park Subdivision (P22-045)

                  Natomas Crossing - Area 3

                  Taylor Street Cottages Tentative Map (Z21-108)

                  Tenfold Natomas RCFE (P21-031)

                  Tower 301 Project (P18-078)

                  Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance

                  Transit-Oriented Development Ordinance Amendments and Rezoning of Parcels

                  Trucking Terminal Yard Project (DR20-035)

                  Truxel 3 Rezone Project (P21-014)

                  Twin Rivers Transit-Oriented Development and Light Rail Station

                  Two Rivers Trail:  EIR

                  Two Rivers Trail MND

                  University of the Pacific Rezone Project (P21-040)

                  Valley Oak Logistics Center II (P22-032)

                  Wayne Court Warehouses Project (DR19-342)


                    West Broadway Specific Plan

                    Planning PROJECTS

                    65th Street Station Area Plan

                    Draft Environmental Impact Report

                    Final Environmental Impact Report

                    2010 Bikeway Master Plan

                    Environmental Impact Reports

                     2030 General Plan

                    2035 General Plan Update Project

                    City of Sacramento 2013-2021 Housing Element (LR12-004)


                    Combined Sewer System Rehabilitation and Improvement Plan

                    I-5 Cosumnes River Boulevard Interchange 

                     Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan

                    Planning and Development Code

                    River District Specific Plan

                    SACOG MTP/SCS for 2035

                    Sacramento Center for Innovation Specific Plan (LR13-009)

                    archived PROJECTs

                    14th Avenue Extension Project  


                    19J (DR16-202)

                      65th Street Hampton Inn & Suites (DR14-257)

                      700 Block of K Street (P10-087) 

                      2025 L Street/2101 Capitol Avenue

                      8151 Sheldon Road (P16-007)

                      8670 Fruitridge Warehouse (DR16-016)


                      Advanced Health Care of Sacramento (P14-038)

                      Aspen-1 (P09-038)

                      Bruceville Terrace (P16-025)

                      Campus Crest Student Housing (P12-038)

                      Coca Cola (DR16-391)

                      College Square South (P15-068) 

                      College Square PUD

                      The Creamery Project (P13-043)

                      Curtis Park Village Sub Mod (P12-026)

                      CVS/Pharmacy Development Project (P12-032)

                      Del Paso Park

                      Duckhorn Drive Apartments (DR18-146)

                      Entertainment and Sports Center  (P13-065)(SCH#: 2013042031)

                      Expo Parkway Behavioral Health Hospital (P13-011)

                      Fair Deal Project (P16-022)

                      Florin Plaza (P13-030)

                      Florin Perkins Recycling Center (P13-017)

                      Folsom Boulevard Widening/Ramona Avenue Extension Project (SCH# 2011072031)

                      Greenfair Project (P14-040)

                       Heritage Park at Natomas Multi-Level Retirement Community  Project (P15-002)

                        Holiday Inn at Natomas Promenade (P17-033)

                        Ice Blocks (P14-062)

                        Jessie Avenue Subdivision (P14-069)

                        Land Park Commercial (P15-048)

                        Leisure Lane Storm Drain Improvements

                        Leisure Vistas 

                        Les Schwab Tire Center - Meadowview (P16-009)

                        Mack and Franklin Development (P17-016)

                          Marshall Hotel Cornice (PB14-059)


                          Mitsubishi Rayon Carbon Fiber and Composites Facility Expansion Project (DR14-339)

                          Natomas Central Planned Unit Development (PUD) (P04-173) (Also known as Westshore)

                          Natomas Crossing Acute Rehabilitation Hospital (DR18-009)

                          Natomas  Fountains (P16-012)

                          Nation's Giant Hamburgers (PB14-060)

                          Natomas Meadows Gateway Blvd. Bridge Widening 

                          Natomas Park Drive Apartments (P15-003)

                          Northpointe PUD (P96-058)

                          Northwest Land Park (P10-039)

                          Oakmont of East Sacramento (P16-040)


                          ParkeBridge (P04-212) (SCH #2005012119)

                          Powerhouse Science Center

                          Quick Quack Car Wash at College Square (P17-073)

                          R Street Phase III 

                          Railyards Specific Plan

                          Railyards Specific Plan Update, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, and MLS Stadium

                          Reichmuth Park

                          Reusable Bag Ordinance

                          Rio Linda Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project

                          River Oaks Park

                          Sacramento Commons (P14-012)

                          Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility

                          Sacramento Senior Living Project (P15-041)

                          SAFCA Florin Creek Project

                          Shasta 10 (P06-189)

                          SHRA - Rio Linda Superblock

                          SMUD  Substation A

                          Station 65

                          Stockton and T Street Project (P14-042)

                          S St Townhomes (P17-024)


                          The Core Natomas (P18-011)


                          SMUD HQ Rehabilitation Project (DR15-177)

                          SMUD Station A

                          Sutter Medical Center Sacramento (SMCS) (P03-090)

                          Sutter Park Neighborhood Project (P12-031)

                          The Crossing

                          Township 9

                          Towers on Capitol Mall (P04-221)

                          Depot Park Logistics (P20-031)

                          Sacramento Army Depot Redevelopment Plan

                          Sacramento Army Depot Reuse Plan

                          Vinci Avenue Roadway and Bridge Improvements

                          Westshore Lot B (P16-003) Natomas Central Planned Unit Development (PUD) (P04-173)

                          We Grow California Cannabis Campus (P17-020)

                          Yamanee (P15-047)

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