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McKinley Village project

Draft EIR

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter One - Introduction and Scope of EIR

Chapter Two - Project Description

Chapter Three - Land Use Planning and Population

Chapter Four - Introduction to the Analysis

                Section 1 - Air Quality and Climate Change

                Section 2 - Biological Resources

                Section 3 - Cultural Resources

                Section 4 - Hazards and Public Safety

                Section 5 - Hydrology,  Water Quality and Drainage

                Section 6 - Noise and Vibration

                Section 7 - Public Services and Recreation

                Section 8 - Public Utilities

                Section 9 - Transportation and Circulation

                Section 10 - Urban Design and Visual Resources

Chapter Five - Project Alternatives

Chapter Six - CEQA Considerations

Chapter Seven - References

Chapter Eight - EIR Preparation


Appendix A - NOP and NOP Comments Received

Appendix B -   Air Quality Model Outputs

Appendix C -   Health Risk Management

Appendix D -   Biological Resource Assessment

Appendix E -   Cultural Resource Assessment

Appendix F -   Historic Assessment of A Street Bridge

Appendix G -   Climate Action Plan Checklist

Appendix H -  Phase 1 ESA

Appendix I -    Noise Report

Appendix J -    Master Storm Drain Study

Appendix K -  Groundwater Monitoring Results

Appendix L -   Hazardous Materials Documentation

Appendix M -  PUD Guidelines

Appendix N -  SACOG Letter

Appendix O -  Traffic Model Output Data  

Public Comment Received for DEIR

Public Comments Matrix

Comments by State Agencies

Comments by Local Agencies

Comments by Organizations

Comments by Native American Tribes

Comments by Individuals