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Welcome to the City of Sacramento's Housing Development Toolkit

The Housing Development Toolkit provides resources on converting vacant and underutilized properties into housing. The toolkit is a one-stop resource for the public, developers, property owners, and City of Sacramento staff regarding incentives, processes, and procedures to develop housing.

On this website, you'll learn about the various types of incentives available to develop housing, a step-by-step guide to develop housing, and an overview of why the City is prioritizing housing development on vacant and underutilized properties through this toolkit.

Housing Development Incentives

There are many incentives available to develop housing. This section lays out the financial and approval process incentives to developing housing.

Step by step Guide to Develop Housing

Follow this step-by-step guide to navigate the major steps of moving through the housing development and building process.

What Does It Mean For A Site To Be "Underutilized"?

Underutilized sites are non-vacant sites that have structures or other site improvements but are capable of being redeveloped with residential uses at a higher density under the zoning and General Plan land use designations. Examples include sites with vacant or abandoned buildings, surface parking lots in the Central City, and large sites that are only partially-developed.

Find Underutilized And Vacant Sites For Housing

Through the Vacant Lot Program, the City provides a map that identifies vacant properties in Sacramento that could be available for development.

Explore Housing Element Land Inventory Sites

This map displays sites identified through the City's 2021-2029 Housing Element Update process that are either vacant or may otherwise be potential sites for future housing development.