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Why is the city highlighting housing development on vacant and underutilized lots?


The City of Sacramento is facing an unprecedented housing crisis in that housing supply is low and sales and rental prices are unaffordable for many residents.


Vacant properties represent the best opportunity to increase the housing supply while also making better use of limited land supply and adding vibrancy to neighborhoods.

Is Developing Housing Right For Me?

Developing housing can generate income while also serving a greater good to the community by improving land and providing much needed housing for Sacramentans. If you are not able to develop housing on your property at this time, this webpage also outlines other ways to develop your property, such as creating an urban garden or small park. See other options for vacant lots for additional information.


What If I Don't Develop My Vacant Property?

If you own vacant land, doing nothing means still paying property taxes on a property that does not generate any revenue for you. A vacant property may also require maintenance and may attract illegal dumping with associated clean-up costs and could potentially receive fines from the City of Sacramento


City of Sacramento's Vacant Lot Program

The Vacant Lot Program was created to ensure city-wide compliance of vacant lots with public health and safety standards. Owners of vacant lots are required to annually register each vacant lot property owned. This includes a $65 payment of Vacant Lot Program fee per parcel. If the property has two or more administrative penalties, then the property is considered a Nuisance Vacant Lot, which results in a $275 monitoring fee plus clean-up of the property. Learn more about the program and register your property here.