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Sphere of Influence

The City may acquire (or bring into the city) land using two-step process: sphere of influence or annexation.  The City may initiate this process in order to:

  • Apply zoning and development standards, including environmental protection
  • Create efficiencies in service delivery, particularly for public safety services
  • Protect and expand the tax base
  • Provide municipal services beyond those available in rural areas

Sphere of Influence

A "sphere of influence" is a plan for the probable ultimate physical boundaries and service area of a local governmental agency, as determined by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo).

Current Sphere of Influence boundary


Annexation is the process where cities extend their municipal services, regulations, voting privileges and taxing authority to new territory through an expansion of city limits. It is the policy of the City to work with LAFCo to adjust the LAFCo Sphere of Influence to be in conformity with the City’s Adopted Annexation Policy. 

Active Annexation efforts

  • Elder Creek Rd/South Watt Ave 7-Elven (P20-036)
  • Airport South Industrial - Bayou Way (P21-017)

Annexation History


Cheryle Hodge, Principal Planner/New Growth Manager, 916-808-5971,