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Marconi Light Rail Station

Technical Background Report

The Marconi Station Technical Background Report covers two distinct residential communities with active neighborhood associations (Ben Ali and Hagginwood), viable businesses that contribute to the city’s economy, a neighborhood park, and a centrally located light rail station.

The Marconi Light Rail Station is the only station on the Northeast Line without a comprehensive plan dedicated to its transition to transit-oriented development. The Technical Background Report gathers information on existing conditions and identifies opportunities and constraints for the Marconi study area that will inform future planning efforts. The report includes a description of existing features, information about current infrastructure and recommended upgrades, a summary of land use policies and regulations that supports Transit-Oriented Development, identification of opportunities and constraints, and recommendations for short- and long-term actions to promote development.

Report Components

The Technical Background Report includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Marconi Station Area – Overview
  • Site Description
  • Infrastructure
  • General Plan Land Use Designations
  • Zoning
  • Planning Resources and Guides
  • Recommendations



Matt Hertel, Senior Planner
Phone: (916) 808-7158


marconi light rail station