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Streamlining the Planning Process:  Planning and Design Commission Ad Hoc Subcommittee Title 17 Amendments 


In January 2019, the City of Sacramento’s Planning and Design Commission (PDC) formed a subcommittee to discuss changes to the structure and procedures of the Commission in order to streamline quality development in commercial corridors, adjacent to transit, and to encourage smart, sustainable, and equitable growth.

The subcommittee identified the following priority objectives to guide their recommendations:


  1. Streamline the entitlement process for projects that comply with City Code and design requirements;
  2. Provide enhanced architectural input to developers early in the planning process;
  3. Improve neighborhood outreach and access to the public planning process.

As a result, several amendments are proposed to Title 17, the City’s Planning and Development Code (zoning ordinance) and to Title 2 (Administration and Personnel).  An executive summary of the proposed changes is attached below, along with other supporting documentation and a timeline of public meetings.  Please contact City Staff if you have any questions.

Executive Summary

7/25/19- Planning and Design Commission staff report to initiate code amendments

October 10, 2019 Public Outreach Materials:

Environmental Document:

Draft Ordinance:

 Next Steps:

The amendments will be presented and discussed at the following public meetings.*  If you are unable to attend one of these meetings but would like more information, please contact the Planning staff listed below.


October 10, 2019 Community Outreach Meeting, New City Hall, 915 I Street, Room 1119, 9am

October 16, 2019 Preservation Commission, City Council Chambers, 915 I Street, 5:30pm

February 18, 2020                         Law and Legislation Committee, City Council Chambers, 915 I Street, 1pm

February 13, 2020 Planning and Design Commission, City Council Chambers, 915 I Street, 5:30pm

March 24, 2020 Final City Council hearing, City Council Chambers, 915 I Street, 5pm


*All public hearing dates are subject to change so it is recommended that you confirm the date prior to attending. 


Garrett Norman, Associate Planner


Stacia Cosgrove, Principal Planner