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Central city Special Planning District


To support the Central City Specific Plan’s goals and policies, staff is proposing the Central City Special Planning District (SPD) a zoning tool to remove regulatory barriers that could inhibit housing development in the project area. The new SPD would have area-specific regulations that would include:

  1. Transit supportive heights and densities

  2. New stand-alone surface parking lots prohibited

  3. Auto-oriented uses prohibited

  4. Maximum parking requirements for all commercial uses

  5. Private open space requirements reduced in urban districts and eliminated in the CBD.

View the proposed ordinance in its entirety.

View the list of properties with proposed zoning changes.

View the Central City (Formerly Downtown) Special Planning District/Rezones FAQ

Existing Special Planning Districts and Overlay Zones

Proposed Special Planning Districts


For questions or comments, please contact City planning staff at or (916) 808-7741