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What is Urban Infill?

Urban infill is the process of developing vacant or under-utilized parcels within existing developed areas. Sacramento has significant vacant and underutilized land resulting from a variety of circumstances. These properties offer a great opportunity. Developing the vacant or under-used land in the Central City with variety of urban housing options means creating a more vibrant and sustainable environment. By targeting empty or underutilized lots within the Central City, streamlining the planning process and addressing some of the challenges to building urban infill housing, the Central City Specific Plan will help realize the goal of building 23,000 housing units in 20 years. What can urban infill housing look like? Review a variety of housing options.

Opportunity Sites

The potential opportunity sites for urban infill housing are bound by the area between the American River to the north, the Sacramento River to the west, Business 80 to the east and Highway 50 to the south. The Central City Specific Plan will focus on various housing options within these boundaries. Any historic landmarks, as well as properties outside the project area, land with significant environmental constraints, and developments with low or medium density were generally excluded from the potential site list.

Within these boundaries, approximately 14,000 units have obtained approval for the right to develop property, including the Railyards, Twin Rivers and Township 9. The corridors highlighted in the map below show the planned growth areas in the 2035 General Plan. Tier 1 sites are those sites that are anticipated to be developed in 10 years, while the Tier 2 sites are anticipated to be developed in 10 – 20 years.