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The 2040 General Plan is the City’s blueprint for how and where Sacramento will grow over the next 20 years. It contains policies that guide everything from transportation, to the type of homes available, to jobs, entertainment, public safety and much more. In 2018, the City initiated an update to the General Plan to ensure it remains responsive to the challenges of the coming years. In parallel, the City will also be preparing an ambitious Climate Action Plan that outlines a community-wide framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and establishes Sacramento as a climate leader.

This website provides up-to-date information, including the schedule, upcoming public participation opportunities, and draft documents.


White and orange button stating "Environmental Justice Factbooks are now available" with an arrow

Environmental Justice (EJ) Factbooks are now available! These Factbooks provide a baseline understanding of the EJ challenges that exist in Sacramento. Each of the 5 Factbooks focuses on a unique set of topics as outlined in the 2016 Planning for Healthy Communities Act (SB1000).

January 19 City Council
On January 19th, 2021 the Sacramento 2040 team will present the General Plan Draft Land Use Map, Proposed Roadway Changes, and other Key Strategies to City Council. The team will also recommend approval for City staff to proceed to Phase 3 of the project. The Key Strategies include substantial policy changes such as permitting a greater array of housing types in single-unit neighborhoods including duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. You can review a Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet to learn more.

Big & Bold Citywide Strategies
In 2019, the Sacramento community identified a bold vision for a greener, more equitable, and more livable city. Since then, the Sacramento 2040 team has developed a list of big, bold strategies that are necessary to achieve this overall vision. You can learn about these strategies as they relate to six key topics by watching the videos linked below. 

City Council adopted the General Plan Update Vision and Guiding Principles on November 12th, 2019.