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onsite Non-potable Water reuse

In June 2021, staff were directed by City Council to evaluate opportunities for expanded water conservation standards for buildings. The efforts are part of the City’s 2021 Climate Implementation Work Plan that describes actions the City can take to increase resilience to climate change, including re-using water from buildings for purposes other than drinking. 

As outlined in the Work Plan, Staff commissioned a study examining the regulatory, technical, and economic considerations of implementing a “Dual-Plumbing Ordinance,” which would require certain types of new commercial nonresidential construction to install separate additional piping systems that could be utilized for the reuse of graywater for end uses such as subsurface irrigation, or toilet and urinal flushing.

Staff presented updates on the study and preliminary staff recommendations for an Ordinance to the Law and Legislation Committee on July 19th and September 20th, 2022.




Dual Plumbing and Onsite Non-Potable Water Systems Study 

Climate Implementation Work Plan

New Building Electrification Ordinance

Frequently Asked Questions

July 19, 2022, Law and Legislation Committee Meeting Staff Report  

September 20, 2022, Law and Legislation Committee Meeting Staff Report 

Upcoming Events

11/15/2022: The Law and Legislation Committee will consider a draft Alternate Water Systems (Dual Plumbing Ordinance).  View the Staff Report.


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