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help plan for sacramento's future

Zoom in to your community, Sacramento!

Help the City of Sacramento plan for your Community Plan Area over the next 20 years.

Last summer, the Sacramento community helped identify local issues and opportunities in each of the 10 Community Plan Areas. Now, the Sacramento 2040 team has developed potential key strategies to address these opportunities and issues in your community plan area. From October 6 – 20, you can learn about these key strategies for topics including land use, mobility, housing, and parks access through a self-guided virtual workshop.


Tune in to an optional orientation to learn more about the General Plan’s Community Plan Areas and how you can provide input in the upcoming self-guided virtual workshop.


North Region:

Arden Arcade, Central City, North Natomas, North Sacramento, South Natomas

Tuesday, October 6

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Register for the North Region orientation here.


South Region:

East Sacramento, Fruitridge / Broadway, Land Park, Pocket, South Area

Wednesday, October 7

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Register for the South Region orientation here.


Big & Bold Citywide Strategies

In 2019, the Sacramento community identified a bold vision for a greener, more equitable, and more livable city. Since then, the Sacramento 2040 team has developed a list of big, bold strategies that are necessary to achieve this overall vision. You can learn about these strategies as they relate to six key topics by watching the videos linked below.

Click one of the icons below to learn about the big, bold strategies developed for each topic.



previous outreach

Online Community Questionnaire

From May 18 to June 26, the Sacramento 2040 team held a six-part online community questionnaire to present and obtain informed input from Sacramento residents. More than 1,130 households participated in the effort, providing more than 1,000 comments. Additionally, more than 45 students participated in a Student Rewards Program to promote the outreach opportunity with their peers and family members.

Pop-up Workshops

In February and March of 2020, the City of Sacramento hosted three (3) Pop-up workshops as part of the General Plan Update and Climate Action Plan. The Popup workshops were held to engage with the community, including disadvantaged neighborhoods, and collect feedback about key strategies for moving the citywide vision established in Phase 1 forward. The workshops took place at:

  • District 8 Community Meeting, February 29
  • District 7 Annual Tree Planting and Volunteer Day, February 29
  • Urban Land Institute "On My Block: Meadowview" Event, March 7

A summary of the pop-up workshops and all input obtained is available here.

Interest-Based Focus Group Meeting

On February 12, 2020, the City of Sacramento held a stakeholder focus group meeting to discuss draft key strategies that could be the most impactful in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, The   discussion topics were centered around proposals for “big and bold” GHG reduction strategies, such as electrification of new buildings, prohibition of new gas lines, elimination of parking minimums, and requirements for electric vehicle charging spaces. A summary of the meeting is available for download here.


Public Outreach Calendar (Subject to change)


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