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What's happening on Marysville Blvd & Del Paso Blvd?

Marysville - Del Paso Map

The Marysville – Del Paso Blvd Action Plan Interactive Map will show locations for the known City, community, and partner initiatives happening around the commercial corridor.

(interactive map coming soon)

We would like to recognize the ongoing work in the neighborhood. If you have a project or initiative to add, please contact us.


Marysville – Del Paso Blvd Action Plan (Forward Together) will address longstanding economic challenges to improve quality of life for the diverse populations that live, work, pray, play, and shop along both Marysville and Del Paso Blvd.

The City of Sacramento is partnering with a local community-based organization, Mutual Assistance Network, economic experts HR&A Advisors, community leaders, and residents to create a commercial corridor action plan. Forward Together will identify community priorities and actions to be taken over an 18-month period to revitalize the commercial corridor and begin to address the historic and current impacts of structural racism and disinvestment.

We want to hear your ideas on strategies and investments that can support local businesses and entrepreneurs, make the boulevard safer and more pleasant for residents and workers to get around, help families and individuals build lasting wealth, and rebuild a thriving commercial corridor.

Recognizing that many communities have historically been left out of the planning process, this effort is designed to empower residents and businesses with the resources they need to address the issues they care about most. For this effort, funds will be dedicated to support implementation of projects that can have a meaningful impact in the short term. Together, we will drive solutions that uplift and build upon the existing assets of Marysville and Del Paso Blvd.

Please see the Project Map of the area for the North Sac Action Plan.