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Marysville-Del Paso Boulevard was an attractive place for agriculture and ranching in the 1800s. Residential and commercial development in the early twentieth century set a foundation for a thriving commercial corridor. The corridor was an important gathering place for the diverse residents in its surrounding neighborhoods.

However, the construction of Highway 160 as well as North Sacramento’s annexation into Sacramento in the 1950s and 60s signaled the beginning of the corridor’s decline.

The Marysville/Del Paso Boulevard corridor has suffered from long-term disinvestment, leading to:

  • Pockets of vacancy

  • Lack of employment centers

  • Business closures

  • Barriers to walkability

  • Aging infrastructure

  • No cohesive identity

These issues perpetuate cycles of poverty and create quality of life issues for people who call this area home.

North Sacramento Land Use and Historical Context Report

Findings from research of the historical land use and zoning decisions are available for review in the report.