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Project Overview

About Forward Together

The City of Sacramento’s Neighborhood Development Action Team (NDAT) is starting a plan to revitalize Marysville – Del Paso Blvd and surrounding neighborhoods while benefiting existing residents and businesses. We are looking to partner with residents, business owners, landowners, and organizations as we look for ways to strengthen the corridor as a vital core for the local neighborhoods and increase the local community’s ownership of housing, land, businesses, and investments.


Forward Together project schedule. 1. Research and Planning (Winter 2022 - Summer 2022) - Research historical land use and zoning decisions. Plan for community engagement. 2. Community Profile (Summer 2022) - Review and analyze existing conditions, including issues with opportunities. Begin focused engagement activities. 3. Exploring Options (Fall 2022) - Create a shared vision and select top strategies for investment opportunities. 4. Defining a Path (Winter 2022/23) - Finalize action plan. 5. Action Plan Implementation (2023+) - Implement action plan and coordinate partnerships.


A 13-member advisory group consisting of residents, business owners, and other long-term district stakeholders was established to guide the project and keep the consultants and City accountable to delivering impact. The Committee met various times since the group first met in June 2022 and continue to be the driving force of the project, ensuring an equitable and results driven approach throughout.


The Committee held six official meetings in 2022 to drive toward a final action plan and setup implementation.


Since project launch, the consultant team delivered an inclusive and relationship-based approach to outreach and engagement. In September, an anti-displacement listening session was executed in an effort to share data and talk through strategies to preserve existing residents and businesses, while promoting revitalization.

In addition to holding topic-specific meetings, the project team visited businesses door-to-door by walking the corridor, attended various organizations meetings, distributed a community and business questionnaire that yielded over 200 responses, and setup a booth at one of the biggest events of the year - Harvest Festival in October. Where appropriate, Community Input Boards were available to solicit stakeholder input and feedback.