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Major League Soccer Stadium 

The proposed project would involve the construction of an approximately 25,000-seat outdoor stadium. The stadium would be initially built with seating for 19,621 attendees, and could be expandable to a maximum of 25,000 attendees over time.

Project Narrative

Project Location

The proposed MLS stadium would be located on an approximately 13-acre parcel near the eastern end of the Specific Plan project site, north of Railyards Blvd, between 8th and 10th Streets, and south of the former railroad berm that forms the northern boundary of the project site.

Project Elements

The stadium would be constructed initially with capacity for 19,621 attendees and the capacity to accommodate concerts with attendance up to 21,500. The seating bowl of the stadium would include general seating, standing room decks, and premium seating including suites. The seating areas would be accessed via a concourse area that would surround the seating bowl. The stadium would also include the following features:

  • Clubs for supporters
  • A kitchen for food preparation
  • Home and visiting team locker rooms
  • Media facilities, including press rooms, radio and television booths
  • Security facilities, including a security command center
  • First aid room
  • Stadium operations offices
  • Stadium maintenance and storage areas
  • Loading docks and other support areas
  • Ticketing areas
  • Concession and small retail stores

Project Architectural Plans

For more information on the Major League Soccer Stadium, please see the attached documents:

Site, Roof, and Landscaping Plans

Context Plan (7/15/16, Sheet C0.01) 
Site Plan (8/25/16, Sheet C0.02)
Discussion Exhibit - Future 10th Street Extension (7/15/16)
Overall Site - Cross Section A (7/15/16, Sheet CPS-02)
Overall Site - Cross Section B (7/15/16, Sheet CPS-03)
Hardscape Plan (5/16/16, Sheet SS-06)

Lighting Plan (9/12/16)

Lighting Information (9/12/16)
Site Plan with Street Section (5/16/16, Sheet SS-08)
Street Sections Reference (5/16/16, Sheet SS-09)
Stadium Entry Plan – Event Level (5/16/16, Sheet SS-10)
Stadium Entry Plan – Concourse Level (5/16/16, Sheet SS-11)

Elevations, Materials and Sections

Exterior Schematic Design (5/16/16, Sheets SS-13 through SS-18)

Supporter Concourse Area (5/16/16, Sheets SS-19 through SS-23)  

General Concourse Area (5/16/16, Sheets SS-24 through SS-28)

Roof Schematic Design (5/16/16, Sheets SS-28 through SS-32)

Sections (5/16/16, Sheets SS-12, SS-33 through SS-42)


Noise Variance

MLS Parking Plans

Stadium Event Transportation Management Plan