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What's happening on Stockton Blvd?

stockton blvd plan initiatives map

The Stockton Blvd. Plan Interactive Map shows locations for the known City, community, and partner initiatives happening around Stockton Blvd.

We would like to recognize the ongoing work in these neighborhoods. If you have a project or initiative to add, please contact us at


The City is partnering with residents, business owners, landowners, and organizations to strengthen the Stockton Blvd corridor as a vital core for the surrounding neighborhoods and region. Through a collaborative and inclusive planning process, the City and its partners will build a shared vision of the corridor as a great place for existing residents and businesses while also providing space for future growth. 

The Stockton Blvd. Plan will reflect the City’s commitment to its neighborhoods and will focus on, and be reflective of, the community. It will aim to improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for existing residents and businesses along the corridor, while increasing community ownership and building local capacity.

Please see the Project Map of the area for the Stockton Blvd. Plan. 





Planning and Design Commission Public Hearing

We invite the public to attend the Planning and Design Commission public hearing on Thursday, April 11, 2024, where staff will provide an overview of the Stockton Blvd Plan Public Review Draft for discussion. The meeting information and materials will be made available online. The plan is available for review and feedback until April 15, 2024. The plan will continue to be available for viewing on the Resources page.

Map of Housing Projects

The Map of Housing Projects shows the known and anticipated housing projects as of October 2022.