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Stockton Blvd Plan Studies and Reports



Community Working Version Stockton Blvd Plan

image of stockton blvd plan logo

The Community Working Version Stockton Blvd Plan is a work in progress. It has been prepared based on what we’ve heard from the community and provides the engagement team a chance to work together with residents and business owners to make this document reflect community priorities and values. 
From July to October 2022, the engagement team worked with residents and business owners to review the Community Working Version of the Stockton Blvd Plan and collaborate on how to make this plan better and figure out what comes next. Comments and suggestions are being reviewed now and will be incorporated into a public review draft published in 2023. 

As shown in Chapter 12, Implementation, the City has already begun working on many Tier 1 Revitalization Priority actions. While millions of dollars have been allocated to this area for affordable housing, workforce development, and anti-displacement (among other activities), additional funding is still needed to accomplish other priorities. This plan will help the City and community prioritize actions as funding becomes available.

The Community Working Version Stockton Blvd Plan will continue to be available for viewing through the hyperlinks, below:

Community Working Version Document


Environmental Review Documents

Other Related Reports

Economic Context Summary: Income, Race, Education & Home Price (click to view larger image)

Image of Economic Context Summary-Income Race Education Home Price

Economic Context Summary: Commute Patterns, Housing Demands, Employment, & Population (click to view larger image)

Image of Economic Context Summary-Commute Patterns Housing Demand Employment Population


City Plans and Programs

Non-City Plans and Programs

*Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) is currently studying feasibility for high capacity transit services with features such as dedicated bus lanes, increased frequency, and real-time data. The system’s busiest line, Route 51, runs along Stockton Boulevard, and is the first corridor being studied for such service improvements.

Stockton Blvd Planning Initiatives Map 

The below interactive map shows locations for the known City, community, and partner initiatives happening around Stockton Blvd. To open larger in a new window see the Stockton Blvd. Initiatives Map.