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Start Here:  
Step 1: Check the address to determine if the property is a historic landmark or within a historic district by visiting the Planning LAND USE INFORMATION PORTAL. If the property is not a listed historic property, visit our city-wide Site Plan and Design Review webpage for next steps. If the property is a landmark or within a historic district, proceed to Step 2 below.  

Step 2: Send a clear scope of work and digital photographs to A staff person will direct the customer to the appropriate person. The customer may learn the project is exempt and will not require an application. If an application is required, proceed to Step 3 below.  

Application Review Process:  
Step 3: Once the submittal documents are ready, request a preliminary review by Preservation Staff. Staff will provide the applicant with initial feedback and help to determine if a preapplication meeting is necessary. Send the Site Plan Design Review submittal package via email to and request preliminary review by Preservation Staff. Address any changes requested by Preservation Staff and proceed to Step 4 below.  

Step 4: Submit application online. Visit E-PLANNING SUBMITTAL SERVICE page to submit the application and pay the application review fees. 

Application review: Historic Preservation Staff review the application for compliance with the City Code, the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties, any applicable historic district plans or design guidelines. Some projects will require input from other departments. Additional fees and time may be required if an application is sent to other departments for review.   

Public Hearing: Some projects will be reviewed by staff, while some projects require a public hearing by the Preservation Director. Some projects may require a hearing by the Preservation Commission.

Record of Decision and Conditions of Approval:  Upon completion of the review process, Staff will prepare a Record of Decision and Conditions of Approval. Following the issuance of the Record of Decision, Conditions of Approval, and the conclusion of the appeal period, the applicant may proceed to Step 5 below.   

Step 5: Submit to the Building Division for a building permit. Visit ELECTRONIC PLAN CHECK  page to submit your building permit application and pay the service fees. 

Note: As a project goes through the building plan check process or during construction it is likely to change. Any changes to a project that has been issued a Record of Decision from Preservation/Planning, must be reviewed and approved by Preservation Staff, prior to proceeding with the change. An applicant may email their project planner directly or email to request review by Preservation Staff.