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Long Range and General Plan

1.  What is Long Range Planning?

The Long-Range Planning Section plans for the future growth, development, and prosperity of Sacramento. Long-Range Planning works with local residents, neighborhood and business groups, developers, and other community stakeholders to help the City achieve its goal to become the most livable city in America. Long Range Planning is responsible for preparing and implementing the general plan and other land use plans and policy documents.

2.  What is a general plan or community plan?  

The General Plan and Community Plans describe long range goals and policies for the City as a whole and for specific communities. These plans are official policy statements of the City Council. Projects must comply with these plans in order to be approved.

3.  What is a Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan?  

A Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) is an action-oriented document for helping residents and property owners improve their neighborhoods. A SNAP provides a list of steps for neighborhood participants to follow in order to achieve their desired outcomes. It identifies a neighborhood vision, neighborhood issues, and goals and action strategies for neighborhood enhancement.  Implementation of the SNAP is the joint responsibility of neighborhood residents and owners, City staff, and in some cases, other relevant local agencies or non-governmental organizations.

4.  What is a Climate Action Plan?    

Climate Action Plan (CAP)  is a set of strategies and measures intended to guide efforts for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting  to climate change.