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Forms are available both online as well as at our Permit Service Counter.

For a limited time certain forms reflecting the 2016 Building Code Standards are made available here for existing building permit applications accepted and reviewed under the 2016 Building Code Standards.

To easily locate any form on this page, you can use a keyboard shortcut by pressing the "Ctrl" key and the letter "F" on your keyboard (Ctrl + F) while on the page. A search window will appear in the upper left or right hand corner of your browser window where you can enter a search criteria such as the form number or a key word. 


 Request Forms

Informational Forms

Fee Information


Verification or Authorization Forms

Take in/Submittal Sheets and Questionnaires 

Link to Development Engineering Forms


CALGreen Building Forms and Publications

Mandatory Measures Checklists:

(Required as part of the building plan submittal for all new buildings.)

VOC and Formaldehyde Limits and Self Certification Checklist:

(Required as part of the building plan submittal for all new buildings.)

If you are unable to locate the form you need, please contact (916) 264-5011 or