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NATOMAS Basin activity 

For those of you who have not been following all of the details related to construction in the Natomas Basin late in 2008 the flood zone designation assigned to properties in the Natomas Basin changed to AE. This change all but ended the viability of development in this area. Since that time the Army Corps of Engineers has been diligently working to upgrade the levees so that the flood zone designation could be improved. All of this hard work is beginning to pay off. FEMA has advised the City that June 16, 2015 will be the date the designation is officially improved to A99. Once the flood zone designation is changed to A99 it will be possible to begin issuing building permits for new construction and substantial improvements. 

The City expects to receive a Letter of Final Determination from FEMA on or around March 30, 2015. City staff is prepared to accept building permit applications beginning on April 1, 2015. Building permits could then be issued beginning June 16, 2015.

The following measured approach to permit issuance has been recommended to City Council, and is contingent on their approval:

  • Residential cap on building permits issued per calendar year:

      • 1,000 Single Family Units
      • 500 Multi-Family Units

Current residential building permit count (issued and final):

Single-Family Unit:   555
Multi-Family Unit:  270
Updated July 21, 2017
  • Commercial (industrial, retail, office) would be allowed to build with no cap on the number of units.
  • Reconstruction and replacement of existing residential units will not be subject to the limitation on the number of units.
  • Rollover unit count: If fewer than 1,000 new single-family dwellings, or 500 new multi-family dwelling units, are issued in calendar year 2015, then the remaining number  of dwelling units, qualifying for building permits will be added to the allowed number for the 2016 calendar year.


South Natomas is predominantly developed though several major vacant sites offer development opportunities.  More information (data & maps) will be added to this website at a later date.

North Natomas is the largest new growth area of the City of Sacramento comprised of approximately 7,200 acres located in the City with an additional 1,500 acres planned for annexation (Panhandle). North Natomas plans for a new urban form integrating residential, commercial, industrial and civic uses interdependent on transit.  



Following Hurricane Katrina, FEMA reevaluated and remapped the Natomas Basin in 2008 to a flood zone designating less than 100-year flood protection. With that, a building moratorium was required in Natomas in December 2008.  Now, the City is expecting to receive an A99 designation – effective on or about June 16, 2015. A99 is an interim flood designation, which is still considered a high risk flood zone, but would allow construction in Natomas (North & South), with conditions. Staff anticipates that building permits could be issued sometime around June 16, 2015.



Approved planning entitlements that had not expired as of January 2009 are still active – as a result of Ordinance 2009-007. Applications for new or modified planning entitlements may be filed and processed without regard to the effective date of A99 flood status. For additional information visit the Planning Division Natomas website, or email 

Building Permit Applications

For information on the building permit application process visit our Building Division webpage.