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2035 General Plan

Adopted March 3, 2015

The 2035 General Plan was adopted in compliance with the requirements of California Government Code Section 65300 et seq. The General Plan is a legal document and much of its content is established by statutory requirements relating to background data, analysis, maps, and exhibits. The legal adequacy of the General Plan is critical, since many City actions and programs are required to be consistent with the General Plan. The 2035 General Plan’s goals, policies, and implementation programs define a roadmap to achieving Sacramento’s vision to be the most livable city in America.

Table of Contents and Acknowledgements

Part 1 - Introduction

Introduction to the General Plan

Part 2 - Citywide Goals and Policies

Land Use and Urban Design

Historic and Cultural Resources 
Economic Development
Education, Recreation, and Culture 
Public Health and Safety 
Environmental Resources 
Environmental Constraints

Part 3 - Community Plans Areas and Special Study Areas


Arden Arcade Community Plan 
Central City Community Plan 
East Sacramento Community Plan 
Fruitridge Broadway Community Plan 
Land Park Community Plan 
North Natomas Community Plan 
North Sacramento Community Plan 
Pocket Community Plan 
South Area Community Plan
South Natomas Community Plan 
Special Study Areas

Part 4 - General Plan Administration and Implementation

Introduction and Implementation Programs


Appendix A - Vision and Guiding Principles 
Appendix B - General Plan Policies Addressing Climate Change 
Appendix C - Noise Contours
Appendix D - Glossary and Acronyms
Appendix E - Photograph/Illustration Credits

Background Report

This report reviews existing conditions in the General Plan's Study Area, including land uses, transportation systems, environmental factors, and public facilities. The report served as the foundation for determining future land use and infrastructure needs in the City.

Chapter 1: Cover and Introduction
Chapter 2: Community Development
Chapter 3: Mobility
Chapter 4: Utilities 
Chapter 5: Public Services
Chapter 6: Environmental Resources
Chapter 7: Public Health and Safety
Chapter 8: Fiscal and Financial Affairs
Chapter 9: References
Chapter 10: Glossary