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Sacramento Climate Action Plan (CAP)

The Sacramento Climate Action Plan was adopted February 14, 2012.  It identified how the City and broader community can reduce Sacramento’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The CAP included GHG reduction targets, strategies, and specific actions. It also identified strategies and specific actions which Sacramento can take to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The Sacramento Climate Action Plan was incorporated into the 2035 General Plan and adopted on March 3, 2015.

Living lightly-reducing our “carbon footprint”

The 2035 General Plan is now the City’s action plan for reducing greenhouse emissions and adapting to climate change.  Mixed-use development that encourages walking and biking, use of public transit, “green building” practices, use of solar energy systems, architectural design to reduce heat gain, recycled construction materials, and water conservation measures, are some of the strategies included in the 2035 General Plan.  Appendix B of the 2035 General Plan lists the climate action plan policies and programs, and provides the specific GHG reductions for the primary measures (measures that have been quantified).


2035 General Plan

Appendix B – General Plan Policies Addressing Climate Change 

CAP Consistency Checklist: