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Memorial Auditorium


The Memorial Auditorium will host all scheduled performing arts events during the renovation of the Sacramento Community Center Theater. The renovation will enhance the patron experience and improve the Auditorium's capabilities in the long term.


Construction began in Spring 2018. View the schedule.

In The News

Please check out the Visit Sacramento web page for more information on the Sacramento Convention Center Expansion & Renovation Project. Sign up for weekly updates on the project as well as Traffic Alerts during construction.

On August 21st, 2018 AECOM/HUNT, the general contractor, along with City Staff, held a pre-proposal meeting for subcontractor GMP bidding on the Sacramento Convention Center Expansion and Renovation Project. Attached you will find the presentation that was prepared for the workshop.

Community Theater


The Sacramento Community Center Theater will undergo a renovation and expansion. The new theater will include a prominent main entrance on L Street, improved acoustics and performance space, an enlarged lobby, expanded restrooms and concessions, ADA improvements, and an activity plaza north of the Theater for community events and other uses.


Construction begins Spring 2019. View the schedule.

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Convention Center

Sacramento Convention Center exterior shot 

The first phase of the Sacramento Convention Center renovation and expansion will improve event flexibility, increase exhibit space, provide larger meeting space and improve the guest experience with better circulation through and around the building.


Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in January 2019. View the schedule.